We help you reduce your
carbon footprint.

All you need is your recent power bill to get started. We can provide a free assessment to help you decide on the energy plan that best suits you.

Generation Rates: 3.75 to 4.60 PhP/kWh

*Please note that actual generation rate may be lower or higher depending on customer’s load factor, contract length, contract volume/capacity, or other customized contract terms.


Here in SNAP-RES, we understand our customers' spoken and underlying needs, and are able to synthesize products and service offerings that meet these needs.

We aim to become the leading retail electricity supplier in the Philippines by providing innovative energy solutions that complement each industry’s unique requirements through our simple, fair and transparent contractual products.

We believe that we bring not only solutions but also sustainable partnerships with industry leaders and movers as the supplier of choice.

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We are the leading provider and developer
of renewable energy in the country.